We all love our pets, but the sad reality is that they are susceptible to diseases and illnesses just like us humans. Nothing can be as stressful, as seeing your pet in bad shape and a dull mood.

At McKnight Veterinary Hospital, we endeavor to be your companion on all matters regarding your pet’s health. We are the leading pet clinic in Canada and focus on all aspects of pet diseases, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

We have a friendly and dedicated team of professional experts and qualified vets who endeavor to help Canadian pet owners on all matters related to their pets’ health and general well being. Here are some of the animals we deal with.


You will agree that dogs are the favorite pets. There are dog breeds which get sick less frequently, while others are highly vulnerable. In this section, we have topics around dog diseases and illnesses, preventive measures, treatment, and all the other information you will need to take good care of your Chihuahua or German Shepherd.


Next up is the cat’s section, and here, we also have loads of information regarding cat health. From the common cat illnesses to proper diet and nutrition. Just like dogs, there are less susceptible cat breeds, while others are very vulnerable. Find out all the facts you really need to know about cats in this section.


Hamsters are not so common, but they are increasingly becoming popular. These small pets are hardy but not invincible. In this section, our experts have outlined the common illnesses which affect hamsters, and what to do in case your little furry one isn’t as jovial and cheerful as always.

Pet Birds

Whether you have a pigeon, dove, or parrot, this section will help you manage the vast number of illnesses which affect all pet birds. Find out which are the mild diseases you can ignore, and which are the severe symptoms that point to life-threatening conditions.

Pet Fish

Aquarium fish are wonderful pets but require intensive monitoring. You need to be careful about the water quality, plus the well-being of the fish themselves. A little mistake with water quality is an invitation for bacteria and viral infections. This section is the comprehensive knowledge base for all fish diseases, symptoms, treatment, and most importantly, preventive measures.

If you have pets, mcknightvethospital.ca will be your new home. Bookmark us and always feel free to consult our experts on all matters regarding pet health; diet and nutrition, diseases and illnesses, treatment, and prevention, as well as training and behavioral aspects. We also offer pet disease diagnosis and treatment services at affordable rates. Talk to us today and let us take care of all your pet health concerns!